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This morning I woke up extra horny. Luckily, my parents decided to go shopping for essentials at a mall in another town (I am used to living on my own, but the hurricane has forced this temporary sitution of living with the parents...I feel like I'm a teenager again!). I took a hot shower and began stroking my cock with the soap lather. I rarely ever masturbate in the shower (maybe once every two years!) but the lather felt great today, especially on my balls. I enjoyed playing with them, getting them soapy, and slapping them against my thigh.

Wonderfully aroused, I rinsed and toweled off. It felt so liberating to walk naked from the shower to my bed, feeling the cool air on my moist, clean skin. You know that great soft, warm feeling your skin has after a nice hot shower? It felt great. I had a solid erection. It always amuses me to walk around naked with an erection. It's as if my frame of mind at that moment is no different than when I was 14 and watching myself in the mirror as I played with my cock. It makes me feel like a horny teenager. Anyway, I enjoyed the sight of myself in the mirror walking around with my cock standing straight out. And I even caught a glimpse of my shadow against the wall...and then I was laughing out loud. There is nothing funnier than seeing your shadow with an erect penis.

I was clearly in a playful mood. And this continued as I masturbated on the bed. For some reason, I had an intense urge of wanting to be spanked. So I started slapping my ass--very lightly. I was surprised at how loud the sound echoed in the apartment! I was really only "patting" myself and not even feeling any sting, but the sound was a very loud "SMACK" that echoed. haha. I usually masturbate on my back, but, as I said, this morning was a little different for me. I got on my knees and thrust by hips back-and-forth as if I were fucking doggy style. I enjoyed this very much. I grabbed a towel and placed it on my bed. Settling on my hands and knees, I began thrusting my hips back and forth, humping the bed. The rough sensation of the towel against the underside of my cock was bliss. I haven't masturbated like this since high school, as far as I can remember. I then began slapping my ass again as I humped the towel. At this point I was having SERIOUS fun. Right as i felt myself close to orgasm, I raised up on my knees, grabbed my cock, and jacked off all over the towel. I had a nice view from my loft as I did this. In fact, it gave me a kinky idea: wouldn't it be cool if a guy were on the second floor of a house jacking off--his cock hanging over the edge of the banister--and the girl were laying down on the floor down below with her mouth open...it would be like a rain shower of cum! lol He would try to aim for her mouth; but of course at that distance the cum would just go all over her...which is exactly the point. It would be like a contest to see if he could get a drop or two into her mouth. Wouldn't that be fun?

I'm such a kinky bastard. Well, I think "playful" is a better term. I certainly won't run out of ideas to make sex fun (if I ever had the chance to HAVE sex. Jeez).
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