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I've got a little secret...

I've been feeling REALLY dirty recently. I purchased a fake pussy at a sex shop. It's the first masturbatory toy I've ever purchased. The outside feels very realistic. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel very realistic when I use it. The opening is absolutely TINY and I have use tons of lube (supplied with the toy). It's not easy to sliiiiide into like a real vagina. Instead, I have to place the head of my cock onto the opening and literally PRESS myself inside it using my fingers. Once inside, it's like a vice grip. Sliding it up and down feels pretty good, but the faster and harder I work it (and, uh, I like it fast and hard), the quicker the lube dries up and I have to start all over. In the end, I'd rather use my hand.

I have a thing for my German teacher (not the same as in the spring semester...ANOTHER one). Today in class she wore a little cream-colored dress with thin straps. She wasn't wearing a bra (God I love European women!) and the outline of her nipples were poking out a little from the front of her dress. Her breasts look fantastically pert. She's maybe between the ages of 30 or 32, but she has the body of a 20 year old. Our classroom has a little raised stage for the professor to stand. I decided to sit in the middle of the room near the back so I could get a good view of the board. Well, I also get a good view of HER. Today she sat in a chair as she went over the lesson. There was no desk in front of her and she kept crossing her legs, making her skirt slide VERY far up her leg. She would also twirl her foot around, which, for me, is the ultimate distraction.

Within five minutes of class I had become very hard. I mean, so hard that it was making my pants painfully tight. I was not embarrassed or anything since I was in the back of class and no one was behind me or to the side. And she certainly couldn't see below my desk from her position on the little stage in front of class. Sometimes I would sneak a hand down and give myself a little squeeze or a tug. It was deliciously dirty. I maintained the erection almost the entire class. When we left, I had an hour and fifteen minutes between classes. I waited until most of the class had filed out and then got up and quickly walked across the room with my bag in front of me (it looks like a little briefcase/file folder bag, so it was not odd that I was carrying it in front of me). I darted across the hall about fifteen feet to the men's room, found an empty stall, and had a much needed break. I was finished within three minutes. I came really hard (stifling a yell). I do these kinds of things all the time--so often that I don't even remember to record them here. I think I'll start to update this more often.
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