Earl of Wacksbury (sir_spanksalot) wrote,
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It's so torturous to spend an entire day around scantily-clad college girls and then to come back to my apartment extremely tired and horny, only to glance out my bedroom window and see MORE college girls in bikinis sunning on deck chairs by the pool...with their tops unlaced to tan their backs.


I shouldn't be thinking what I am thinking. Because I know even THINKING it makes me perverted (in the dirty sense). Thank God for Internet pornography. It gives me the release I need. I guess it's less perverted to jack off to Internet porn than it is to do so while peeking out at the women by the pool. Because if not for the Internet, that's exactly what I'd be doing right now. And even though I'm not doing that, just thinking that I would be doing it without Internet porn makes me feel a little dirty.

But what else is a horny guy to do?
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