Earl of Wacksbury (sir_spanksalot) wrote,
Earl of Wacksbury

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So this morning I'm flipping through the channels and come across some hhhhhhhhhot chick singing on Regis and Kelly. I mean this girl was boner-inspiring. So I'm watching her shake her moneymaker, thinking filthy things. And when she finishes the song Regis and Kelly walk on stage. This chick is so hot she makes Kelly Ripa seem plain. Regis turns to the audience and says, "Guess how old she is? Guess!" The girl says, "Noooo, don't tell them!" Now the girl clearly looks 19 or 20. I'm thinking, "Maybe she's older, like 25, and she wants people to think she's younger to appeal to teenagers?" Regis says, "She's THIRTEEN!" I almost died. I felt like a sicko perv. I checked the Regis and Kelly website and found out her name is "JoJo." I went to her website and could definitely tell she was a kid from those pics (which were probably a little out-dated). But on stage, damned if she didn't look college age. I felt so horrible. I got wood from a thirteen-year-old!! :-/
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