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A Ravish for Emily, Part IV

When Emily opened her eyes, the monk was no longer atop her. With horror she realized that her wrists were now bound with rope and tied down to the table above her head! How long had she been out? Five minutes? An hour? What liberties had the monk taken with her during that time? Her ankles were still shackled. The chains were pulling her legs wide apart, her butt raised slightly in the air. She felt no pain. It was a unique position. Even a bit exiciting. Her arms, shoulders, and back were flat against the table, while her lower body was raised slightly, suspended by the pull of the shackles.

"Heat and cold. Ice and fire! Which of these pleasures do YOU desire?"

At the sound of the voice, Emily turned her head (as far as she could, considering the position of her tied arms above her body) and saw the monk sitting serenely in the shadows of the far side of the cell--for that is what this room most certainly was--holding a candle in one hand and a chilled bottle of wine in the other.

"You tease me Abbot. You know how I long to feel your cock within me." Emily gasped audibly from the sound of this new voice. It was coming from the front of the room, which Emily could not see from her position. And she was sure the voice belonged to none other than Mother Superior!

"Yes," the monk replied. "Having sought the sanctity of the spirit, you now seek the satisfaction of the flesh. Your spirit is pure, sister, and it belongs to the Lord. Your body..." the monk chuckled. "Your body is a vile ornament, deserving of defilement. And it belongs to me."

"Father..." The nun's voice was tentative. "May I...watch?"

"No. Now leave. For delivering the girl to me, I shall give you your REWARD in due time. Now, I must take MY reward for delivering girl's spirit to the Lord."

Emily heard the door to the cell open and close as the nun retired. There was silence. She watched in silence as the monk placed the candle on the table next to three more bottles of wine. His slid his hand between his legs, massaging himself through the robe. Emily watched, pretending to still be unconscious. The monk took the bottle in his hand and began rubbing it between his legs. The cool condensation of the bottle moistened his brown robe. Abbot Helmfrey was clearly enjoying himself. He clutched the bottle by the neck with both hands and pumped it up and down between his thighs. That large bulge once again growing beneath his robe. "Mmmmm....yes. You like watching me tease my prick, don't you, Emily?"

The girl flinched. It was the first time he had called her by her name. "I heard you gasp at the sound of the Abbess' voice," the monk continued. He rubbed the bottle more vulgarly against his groin. "She was kind enough to bring freshly chilled wine from the cellar." He squeezed his thighs around the bottle, making the neck stick up between his legs like a stiff little phallus, and gestured to the bottle. "Would you care for some?"

"Yes." Many thoughts were running through Emily's head. Conflicting feelings and emotions. She was anxious to discover where this was going.

"Later my dear," the perverted monk chuckled. "For me...ice. For you...fire. Now we reach the final stage of our little introduction." Abbot Helmfrey stood, placing the bottle on the table and taking up the candle once again. He stepped quickly toward the wooden slab upon which Emily was bound, the candle revealing his sharp features beneath the dark shadows of his hood. The girl's heart raced in fear, anticipation...and lust. The monk was smiling.

*Edit: I can't believe I wrote that the wine came from the BASEMENT. lol I have changed it to CELLAR. That's what I get for typing too quickly and not proofreading!
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