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Library Sex

I stumbled over to the shelves, my pants wrapped around my ankles like shackles, searching for the thickest book I could find. I glanced down to a lower shelf and smiled. As if guiding me in the right direction like some phallic dowsing rod, my rigid cock stood horizontal, pointing to the perfect book for our frisky frolic: Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. I grabbed the weighty tome and wobbled back to the desk, my prick wiggling back-and-forth like the tail of a supremely giddy puppy. With a laugh, I kicked off my shoes and the offending pants to free my legs. I slapped the Pynchon novel onto the desk. With one swift motion, I slid my hands under her ass, lifted her off the desk, and sat her bare bottom on the thick post-modern masterpiece. My laugh was cut short by a firm tug on my cock. Now that our bodies had been properly aligned for the desired contact, Sarah was leaning forward with her feet propped on the edge of the desk, pulling me between her legs, and playfully rubbing my throbbing head along the moistening lips of her labia. Her impatient urge to satisfy her most base desires led to her rough handling of my prick. I wrapped my palm around her slender neck and held a firm grim with my fingers. "Careful!" I chided. "That's not a rubber dong you're handling...it's the real thing!"

"Ooh. Am I hurting you?"

"A little."

"Good." She grinned, tightening her grip on my shaft and swerved her hips to maximize the friction of my cock's thick contours against the sensitive bulb of her clit. I moved forward to better allow her to use my dick for her pleasure. There are no words to describe the sensations we both felt. I shuttered weakly as the underside of my prick slid across her clit. She seemed to enjoy how the bullet-shaped curve of my head rolled across the outer surface of her pussy. After a few moments of her diddling, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away--her fingers sticky with my pre-cum. She looked up with silent, pleading eyes. I moved her hand toward her eager lips. As she slid her fingers deeply into her mouth to taste me, I gently guided the head of my cock into her cunt. I teased her softly, jerking my hips back and forth...sliding the tip of my dick inside her only up to the curved ridge of my head...using the tip of my cock to push her tight lips open with each thrust --but never sliding completely inside her. We both watched with rapt, eager expressions as she took the head of my prick into her slick pink hole with each short thrust. I could feel the heat radiating from Sarah's aroused cunt, and knew she could feel the warm throbbing of my pulse though the tip of my prick as I held it within the slick, slender opening of her labia. She wiggled her ass back and forth on the Pynchon novel, clearly wanting to feel the full girth of cock pressed deeply inside her. The plastic dustcover of the book was slippery on the brightly polished wooden desk, allowing the book to slide slightly with each filthy gyration of her haunches.

She kissed me fully, deeply on the lips. Her feet, which had been propped on the edge of the desk, were now pressed against my hips as if bracing for the ensuing violence our of fucking. Her legs were wide and inviting.

"Fuck me hard," she breathed between rough kisses. "I want your cock to HURT me." Her passionate pleas entered my mouth in puffs of hot breath that mirrored the heat between her legs. I kissed her harshly, holding the bottom of her lip between my teeth hard enough to draw a bit of blood. Sarah moaned softly. I grabbed the book beneath her ass and, with a sudden force that collided her body into mine, slammed the book into my thighs, drawing her body forward to impale her cunt deep onto the shaft of my rigid cock.
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