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I can't believe I did this...

Being without Internet access for a week is rough. Especially if you rely on it for PORN. The computer store to which I took my laptop happens to be about two miles from an infamous adult video store: "Mr. Binky's." I tried to control myself. I told myself, "It's only a couple more days. You can go that long with porn!"

I couldn't.

And so, in the afternoon on the day before my birthday, I kept driving past the computer store, beyond the airport, to where the main road turned into a sketchy two-lane drive in a sketchy neighborhood. Mr. Binky's is famous in New Orleans. It a high class place (well, as high class as a porn shop can be). The upside is that it is not a sleazy dive. The downside is that it's SO popular you might run into someone you know! lol Thankfully, it's in an out-of-the-way place. Having never gone to porn shop before, I was a little nervous. I was surprised to see that four women worked there...three were MY AGE or younger. That, my friends, was fucking hot. They were "girl next door" types where short shorts and tight shirts. How did they end up working at Mr. Binky's? I bet they get hit on every hour of every day. haha

The front wall was vocered in more sex toys than I could imagine. I mean, there were dildos literally 5 feet long (why in God's name would anyone buy such a monstrosity, I'll never know). I quickly made my way to the DVD section. I admit it: I bought two. Hustler's Barely Legal 23 (the front of the box proclaims: "YAY! We're finally 18!") and "Foot Traffic 2." *ahem* I was looking for a nice nylon/stocking/leg video, but they were all like 30 bucks (there's no way I'm spending THAT much for porn). I was checked out by one of the nice young girls. It didn't feel strange at all that I was handing a girl my age (or younger) two pornos for her to put into a bag for me. In fact, I thought the entire trip was...exciting. Yes, there were a bunch a sketchy looking guys there (but who am I to judge...I was there, too). But there was also a couple there. And, hell, women get "toys" to help themselves get off, so why can't a guy buy some cheap porn DVDs?

The next day, I used the DVD player my parents bought for my birthday to watch the DVDs. How hilarious. If they only knew the first DVD I watched with their gift was "Foot Traffic 2," they would have died. lol

Oh well, now that I'm back online, I don't really need the DVDs. But, to be honest, I kind of liked the thrill of going to Mr. Binky's...and I might go back again one day.
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