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The German Teacher, Part II

Kyle allowed himself to be led by the hand around the desk. Anna bent over to view her computer screen, forcing her curvy flanks to brush the front of the boy's pants.

"Here," she said, almost in a whisper. "These are from last week. Remember...don't tell anyone!"

The computer screen flashed as a window popped open. Kyle caught his breath. There, on the screen, was a grainy digital webcam photograph of Anna. The edge of the photograph ended at her neck, yet it was quite obvious that the young German girl was the subject of the lurid image. She was reclining in her office chair, a white sweater raised to her shoulders and exposing the firm globes of her breasts. Her dark dress was hiked up to her stomach, beneath which her legs were raised to the seat of her chair and spread wide in that gloriously vulgar manner that screams "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HERE." One hand was between her legs, daintily pulling aside her lavender panties to reveal the deeper pink hue of her peach. She was visibly moist.

"PLEASE. You won't tell anyone?" she implored. Her hand moved to Kyle's arm and slid down to grasp his wrist. Kyle smiled. In the moment it took for him to glance at the mock-innocent look of the German girl who was his teacher this semester, the words had begun to tumble out of his mouth before he could think to stop them: "Well, I don't know. That all depends on my GRADE this semester." Anna's expression changed from pout to shock. Now it was Kyle's turn to grab her wrist. And he did so roughly. "These types of things can get a girl in trouble," he said.

She understood his meaning.

"But I like trouble," she responded, moving his hand up to her chest. "Imagine what your professors would think if they found out you had touched me...inappropriately."

"But I like being inappropriate," he said with a smile. He placed her hand on the front of his pants. And there they stood for a moment, watching each other. Feeling each other.

"Then we have an understanding?" she said.

"Perfectly. How badly do you not want me to tell?"

"How badly do you want an 'A'?" She moved her lips close to his mouth as if to kiss him. Kyle closed his eyes expectantly, waiting....waiting...there was no contact. He felt the wisp of her mouth on the edge of his own, so close to his parted lips that her hot breath rushed into his mouth as she spoke rapidly in her deep, accented voice: "We both know what we want. We can give it to each other..."

"Give?" he said, his hand sliding along her breast and around to the long blonde ponytail down her back.

"We can give each other EXACTLY what we both want..."

"Give?" Kyle repeated. "I don't know about you, but I take what I want." He grabbed her ponytail roughly, pulling her head back to an angle in line with his suddenly fierce eyes. Anna exhaled quickly, her chest heaving forward as her head was pulled back. She stood on her toes now, pressing into Kyle's body and pushing her entire frame upward against the force of Kyle's firm hold on her hair. Her mouth was now further from Kyle's. She stretched forward, reaching her lips higher to touch his. "Yes," she moaned. "I want you to take me." Her lips were once again brushing his own. She strained against the force of his hand on her hair to make contact with his lips.

"Yes?" he said.

"YES. It's what I want."

"Tell me," Kyle urged, tugging harder now. "Tell me what you want."

With pain and hunger and yearning she spoke, her accent thicker now in the throes of passion: "You fucking heard me. I want you to take me. Now. Hard."

He licked her lips tauntingly.

In response, she tightened her hold between his legs.

"Bitch," he breathed.

"You love it, you filthy prick. Now FUCK me."

He released his grip.
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