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A Ravish for Emily, Part III

The story that was so long stuck in my mind is now moving along incredibly well. We are not even half way through the story. In fact, we haven't even gotten to the good stuff! It's all about the build up. ;)

As the monk was enjoying the taste of Emily's skin--he was presently taking her nipple between his teeth and lightly tugging as she squirmed in pleasure beneath him--the girl turned her head and blew out the candle. The monk dropped it to the floor, freeing his second hand to move to the girl's other breast. He rubbed it roughly, the hard wax peeling from her sensitive areola and crumbling beneath his fingers. The softness of his hand upon her bare breast after the hot sting of the wax sent tingles across Emily's body. She responded by reaching out and grasping the large bulge in the monk's cloak. He exhaled sharply as she pulled him forward, the rough brown cloth only inches now from her face.

The monk was enraged. "You dare to touch ME?" He slapped her hand away and stood up quickly. "I see we still haven't learned our lesson. We've had our pleasure. Now for the pain." The monk walked to the far end of the table and reached into the dark shadows along the wall. Emily heard a rattle of metal, and gasped as she saw the monk emerge from the shadowy recesses with iron shackles! The chains seemed attacked to small weights on the far wall, forcing the limbs of whomever was attached to remain spread open. Before she could react, Emily found that the monk had already latched one shackle around her left foot. The girl's ankle was small and delicate, giving her ample wiggle room. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the shackle was just small enough to not allow her little foot to slip free. As Helmfrey reached to grab her right foot, Emily kicked forward, striking him in the chest. The devious clergyman smiled, enjoying the sight of the girl's thin, coltish leg waving frantically in the air. It was creamy and pale against the dark black dungeon of the stone room. His cock throbbed at the sight of her left leg caught cruelly in the thick iron shackle, twisting and pulling against the cold metal.

"My dear girl. Why must you make it hard for me?" (The monk seemed unaware of his dirty pun...Emily had made "it" HARD since she had first walked into the room!) The monk allowed the girl to slap and kick at him with her foot a few more moments (he secretly hoped she would kick him down THERE--in his naughty bits. Helmfrey longed for the day when the girl would lovingly kick him in the groin and step on his balls with her petite bare feet). Suddenly filled with perverted lust and desire, and with the quickness and agility of a wildcat, the monk lept onto the table and straddled the girl's free leg. Grabbing it with one hand and forcing it down with his body weight, he struggled to clasp the shackle with his free hand. Emily was shocked by the monk's maneuver. She immediately began pummeling his back with her little fists as he worked to shackle her ankle. Flailing wildly now, the girl was striking the monk's back and trying to kick her leg up between his legs. Amazingly, the filthy monk took glee in her struggles, moving his hips in a grinding motion, enjoying the pressure of her wiggling leg between his thighs, wanting the girl to flex her knee deep into his groin. Emily could sense the stiffness down there. Pressing down on her leg. The monk seemed very well endowed. Why didn't she simply wrap her hands around his throat and choke him?

Because she knew she was enjoying this.

Her hands fell from the monk's back slowly...and moved between her legs. Her moisture was unmistakable. She rubbed her fingers lightly between her lips, shocked that she would do such a thing in this situation. Two separate thoughts struck the girl at that very moment: her second ankle was now shackled...and Abbot Helmfrey was proceeding to dry-hump her leg. Emily closed her eyes, went limp, and resigned herself to the monk's whims.

(To be continued...)

*N.B.: My favorite part of this section is when Helmfrey yearns for Emily to kick him in the groin. There are actually men out there who have such a fetish! I find this hilarious. I just have to note that I DO NOT have this fetish. Seriously, I cringe at the thought. But, I find it so funny, I had to include it in my story. Just wanted to make clear once again that these stories are fun fiction pieces and don't necessarily reflect my own sexual desires (although some things DO represent some of my sexual desires and fantasies...but getting my balls stepped on and/or kicked is not one of them!). I know what you're thinking: He doth protest too much, methinks! I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. ;)

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