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"A Ravish for Emily, Part II"

She took three or four steps. When she was within five feet of the monk he stopped writing and looked up sharply. The orange fire of the candle light flickered in the menacing orbs of his eyes, black as the shadows in the deepest crevices of the dank stone room.

Emily paused. She had seen something in the monk's face that wasn't quite natural. It was devious, perverse--almost sinister. While she contemplated this flash of evil that crossed his countenance--yes, she had concluded, it was most certainly evil--the monk did something that caused her even greater alarm. He licked his lips. His thick, glistened tongue darted forward like that of a lizard, moistened his meaty chops with saliva, and then returned to the dark cavern from whence it dwelled. She shivered. What foul pleasures had that tongue tasted? What depraved words had flown like a storm gale through that twisted maw? With mounting horror, Emily came to realize she would soon find out.

"What is you name?"

"Ms. Emily ------," she said with a small curtsey.

The Abbot felt his prick jolt to life upon that sight. "Emily. Do you often enter rooms without knocking?"

"Well, no sir, I--"

"DON'T interrupt me, young lady. You speak when I ask you to speak. I see we have some work to do with you."

Emily cast her eyes toward the ground, not daring to speak another word.

"Where are your robes?" the monk demanded.

"I haven't been given any, sir."

"This is a disgrace! You rudely interrupt my paperwork without knocking, only to appear before me without the proper clothes. Step forward!"

Emily did as commanded. The monk eyed her greedily. "Disrobe," he said. Emily hesitated, her hands reflexively moving to cover her bosom. Before she could speak a word of protest, the monk threw down his quill and shouted, "You dare to disobey me? You leave me no choice but to force your compliance." He grabbed her rudely and ripped the tender wool of her blouse, exposing her soft, creamy bosom. As Emily clutched her arms to her chest, the monk reached down and ripped down her dress. Emily struggled to turn away, incurring the monk's wrath. "I shall teach you some manners, young trollope!" Still sitting at his table, the monk grabbed Emily with both arms and slung her across his knees. Her struggles were futile against the strong, enraged clergyman. At the sight of the girl's ripe, round bottom in the glow of the firelight, the monk lost all control of his perverse little mind. His hand landed briskly on the girls bottom. He began spanking her with short, firm slaps. Emily cringed from the stinging pain on her reddening bottom. She felt with surprise (and perhaps a bit of excitement?) the monk's stiff member beneath his cloak pressed sharply against her lower stomach.

"What you need, my dear, is DISCIPLINE," the monk raged, his palm landing once more upon Emily's bare rump. "I'm sorry, Abbot! Please, no more! Please!" The monk did not relent. The sound of his hand striking her bottom echoed throughout the small stone room. Emily bit down on the monk's brown wool robe to stifle her cries of pain (and pleasure?). Indeed, she liked the taste of the monk's warm robe in her mouth.

The monk paused. "Will you be a good girl, then, and do as I say?"

"Oh yes!" Emily replied, nodding her head emphatically.

"Very well then. Stand up." The girl did as told. The torn remnants of her dress were hanging loosely around her legs. Her bare body gleamed in the firelight, accenting the contour of her shapely bosom and the small, hard pebbles of her nipples. Beneath her disheveled hair, her cheeks were warm and flush (much like her freshly spanked bum) and her chest rose quickly up and down as her breathing quickened. The monk's eyes were fierce...PENETRATING. A tingle of warmth shot through Emily's body. Was she...enjoying this?

Yes. She thought she was. She felt her nipples grow hard, despite the warmth of the room. She made no move to cover her bosom.

The monk rose slowly, gazing down fiercely on the half-nude girl. There was a visible bulge in his robe below the waist. Emily suddenly felt herself wanting to slide beneath the Abbot's robe and investigate. As she was pondering these thoughts, the monk had taken a candlestick off his writing desk and was moving toward her. He grabbed her arm with his free hand and pulled her roughly toward a wooden table near the far wall of the room. The monk placed the candle down and stripped the remaining clothes from the girl's body. She did not protest.

"We must test you, you understand? To be sure you are prepared for convent life. With all of life's pleasures there comes a little pain." He pointed to the wooden table. "Lie down."

Emily did as told. The wood was cold and quite uncomfortable. She even felt small splinters poking her skin. She didn't mind. She was watching the movements of the monk with rising alarm...and growing wetness. He placed the candlestick on the ground after removing the thick red candle. The smell of wax was heavy in the air. The monk passed the candle slowly over the smooth skin of the girl's stomach, the flame hovering close enough for Emily to feel the intense heat of the fire. She shivered as every pore on her body seemed to contract, lifting her hair toward the warm radiance of the flame.

The monk passed the candle over her gently sloping breasts. He paused. The candle dangled closely over one very hard nipple. Emily's breath became quick. She watched as the deep red wax gathered beneath the flame. The candle seem suspended in the ether by unknown forces of nature. The monk's hand was supernaturally steady as the hot liquid pooled and hung on the edge of the wick like a teardrop of blood. Emily pushed her chest forward and braced her body as the stream of liquid hot wax fell from the candle and struck her tender young breast. She released a sigh/shout as the sharp pain ensnared her and sent a ripple down her body. She felt the wax rolling down the slope of her small breast, hardening and cooling even as more scalding wax dripped from the candle. She felt as if her nipple had been pinched by the fingers of a god. The cooling wax hardened and molded to the shape of her stiff nipple, encasing her sensitive skin in a thick coat of wax.

The monk smiled. His lips moved to her other breast. He inhaled her scent as his lips and tongue teased and danced across her bare nipple. The feeling of the monk's soft mouth on one breast and the harsh pinch of the wax on the other caused Emily to shiver. The area between her legs moistened further. The monk flicked his tongue lightly over her nipple. "Pleasure and pain," he mumbled. Emily moaned softly in agreement.

To be continued...
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